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China Geelong Machinery Manufacture Company Limited.(Linyi Geelong Imp. & Exp., Ltd.) is a professional machinery company in producing and selling plywood machine, particle board machine, MDF/HDF machine, flooring machine, lamination press, located in beautiful logistics city “LINYI”, and also won license for direct import and export by the state government.

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Product Description:
The glue spreader machine spreads the glue on the core veneers, multi-layer board, plywood, block board and so on. it has three rollers and four rollers. The one with three rollers is single-side glue coating machine. The glue spreader with four rollers is double-side coating machine. The glue spreader is divided into 4ft, 5ft, 8ft, 9ft and so on. It can be customized according to client's requirement. It is produced with resonable design, glue coating averagely, saving cost, easy operation and lower price.
1,It has various uses, it can be used for core veneer, muti-layer board, plywood, block board and so on.
2,It has coating averagely, high productivity, save glue, save staff and save cost.
3,Increasing the utilization of glue and decreasing and minimize glue consumption.
4,The safety device is able to immediate stop the machine whenever the danger occurred.
5,Rubber roller is made by the high quality natural rubber, the squeeze roller is chromate treatment seamless steel pipe, the roller surface is covered by stainless steel, never has the rust bec of glue corrosion.
6 , Easy operation and easy maintenance.
Technical parameters:
Machine type One coating glue spreader Double coating glue spreader
Roller quantity 3 4
Line speed 30m/min 20-30m/min
Coating roller diameter 245mm,310mm,410mm 245mm,305mm,310mm,410mm
Coating roller length 1400mm,2700mm 1400mm,2700mm
Squeeze diameter 273mm,319mm 219mm,273mm
Squeeze length 1400mm/2700mm 1400mm/2700mm
Motor power 3kw,4kw,5.5kw 3kw,5.5kw
Max.board thickness 30mm 30mm
Driving method Gear and chain Gear and chain
Machine diameter 4FT:2250*1250*1700MM
Machine weight 4FT:600KG 8FT:1350KG 4FT:700KG 8FT:1500KG

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