Geelong machines advantages
1. Rich experience-the factory of geelong machine already has the 20 years’ production experience, covering plant construction, wood-based machinery, board production technology, board marketing, board production consuming materials, after-sales service...etc various parts, concentrate on building a dragon packing service, money saving, time saving and efforts saving.
2. Quality wins Trusting-geelong equipment main frame all is high strength plate of national standard, hydraulic cylinders all made by WUXI professional factory, electrics all is international famous brand, like Mitsubishi, Delta, Schneider, Omron...etc.
3. Personalization service-geelong has its professional design team, we can design the machine according to clients’ special and detailed requirement, and more can meet our clients’ various and complex production needs and requirements.
4. High degree of automation-geelong has put the industrial upgrade on the agenda,  conventional machines’ production as basement, fully automated machines’ production as goal, aim to build a modern wood-based factory for our customers.
5. Deluxe reception service-geelong has the Mercedes Benz and Buick business car for reception, accurate translation and product introduction, and can let our clients can find very suitable machines to meet their production requirements.
6. Team service shows the strength of our company-geelong has professional purchasing team, production arrangement, inspection and correction during production, inspection before shipment, monitoring during loading, machines’ fastening work inside container...etc service division, each job is responsible to the person, careful working and make zero mistake.
7. Quality control creat BRAND-geelong all hands set quality control as the first place all the time, and we believe, buying GEELONG BRAND wood machine, helping you to achieve a great deal of life.